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Ryah Creative Group - Event Planning & Multimedia Production

Strong communication grabs attention, captivates, and informs. It delivers the perfect balance between education and entertainment that leads to success instead of failure. The best communicators are skilled story tellers who turn complex ideas and concepts into clear concise narratives. They know how to “paint a picture” visually and set a mood with sound. They know how to create a stunning environment where none existed.

At Ryah Creative Group, we live for these opportunities. It gives us a chance to create success for our clients in ways they never dreamed possible. To learn what that means, click on about us. To understand how we do it, click on our approach. If you’d like to see real life examples of how we’ve helped some of our clients, click on our work. Then, click the contact us button so we can work together to bring dreams to life!


About Us

Ryah Creative Group is a full service event and multimedia production company. We help corporate and broadcast clients turn ideas into reality through a variety of media. Our expertise is delivering information in creative, entertaining ways. Depending on the needs of a client, we may help them conceptualize and execute a meeting for hundreds and even thousands of people. We may develop advertising and branding campaigns for a client that increase awareness and, ultimately, sales. We may help them throw a jaw-dropping party that launches a new brand or introduces new products. We may write and produce dynamic videos that educate, train, and market. We may create inspiring interactive DVD’s, CD’s, websites, and print products that make an enormous impact on our clients audience. Whatever your needs, we have the expertise to effectively deliver your message. To us, that’s the real key to helping you succeed. How we deliver the information depends on your audience but, the bottom line is… WE DELIVER.


Our Approach

Developing a story is where we have the most fun. We get to open our minds to countless possibilities. We strip away all barriers and let our imaginations run wild. For us, that’s how creativity is born. We begin this process by learning everything we can about the project. Then, we look at it again…this time from our audience’s point of view. After that, we simply create a theme that balances the needs of the client with the desires of the viewers or attendees. Sounds simple, right?  Well, the secret ingredient is the creativity our team of experts brings to every project. Together, we develop media and events that help our clients succeed and make us proud. It is, after all, what we live for.

Clients - Video

CMP Media

Colorectal cancer affects millions of Americans. Upon hearing the diagnosis, the victims and their loved ones are filled with uncertainty, fear, and a myriad of questions. To help patients and their families cope with this disease, CMP Media hired Ryah Creative Group to produce a DVD designed to answer key questions about this cancer, explained what colorectal cancer is, how it is treated, and what those affected can do to help. Teaming with leading medical experts at Georgetown Medical Center in Washington DC., Ryah Creative Group wrote and produced nearly an hours worth of informative content that included interviews with patients such as former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. More than 30,000 copies of the DVD have been distributed, free of charge, to patients and their families.


The Champion’s Club

The Champion’s Club is one of the finest golf course communities West Central Florida has to offer. With home prices averaging a million dollars, The Champions Club asked Ryah Creative Group to develop videos that would help close out the sale of the remaining home sites. To match the quality of the community, Ryah Creative Group produced four videos presentations in full HD quality. The resulting footage painted a stunning picture of the community’s homes, it’s golf course, and The Champion’s Club facilities.


Riviera – Bimini Boats

What better place way to showcase your yachts than to put them on the internet after taking them to the azure waters of the Caribbean for a video shoot . Of course that means you need to collect spectacular footage, which is why Riviera Yachts asked Ryah Creative Group to produce the videos. Incorporating aerial footage, HD cameras, and the naturally beautiful setting off the coast of Bimini, Ryah Creative Group produced two long form presentations and thirty second vignettes that showcased the luxury and quality craftsmanship of Riviera’s latest offerings.


Your Summit Awaits

Jamie Clarke is the third Canadian to ascend to the peak of Mt. Everest. His compelling story of his three attempts to reach the summit is a lesson in perseverance. In fact, there are many lessons in Jamie’s success. That’s why StarThrower distribution, a leading provider of corporate educational content, asked Ryah Creative Group to produce a video with Jamie that uses his triumph to deliver valuable messages to today’s workforce. The production team traversed the Canadian Rockies for four days as Jamie recounted his climbs. Actual footage from Jamie’s ascents enhanced the realism of the video. Since bringing Your Summit Awaits to market, StarThrower Distribution has sold numerous videos and associated educational materials to it’s corporate clients around the world.


Golden Boy Promotions

Oscar De La Hoya needs no introduction in the sports world. What this Olympic gold medalist and World Champion boxer did need is a video to help promote his various business interests. Seeking to increase awareness and raise funds for it’s boxing, real estate, and charitable endeavors, Golden Boy Promotions turned to Ryah Creative Group to produce and edit a marketing video. This short presentation incorporates a variety of footage formats and takes advantage of Oscar’s world-wide appeal to generate interest in his company. Today Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions are ranked among the Top 10 most successful sports related entities in the world.


Clients - Events

Ironman 70.3

In an effort to create world class events that equal its world championship race, Ironman hired Ryah Creative Group to produce it’s welcome dinner and awards dinner for the 70.3 World Championship in Clearwater, Florida. 3,500 athletes and volunteers gathered on Sand Key Beach for these scenic outdoor events. Taking advantage of the blank canvas the beach has to offer, Ryah Creative Group developed a creative design that offered tremendous branding opportunities, exceptional outdoor staging, and exciting production elements. As a result, attendees from all across the globe had the type of world class experience for which Ironman is known.


Essilor Of America

Imagine 1000 screaming fans complete with signs and painted faces rooting for their team. That may sound like the superbowl because that’s exactly the environment Ryah Creative Group creates every year for Essilor of America. Essilor uses the Optometry Superbowl to promote it’s Varilux lens product to Optometry Students throughout North America and asked Ryah Creative Group to make the event unforgettable. As a result, Ryah Creative Group redesigned the event to include opening sequences, player introductions, a themed party, and entertainment that is reminiscent of professional football’s biggest game. As a result of these efforts, the Varilux Optometry Superbowl is the highlight of the American Optometric Association’s annual meeting which is a tremendous benefit to Essilor’s marketing efforts.


Riviera Yachts Of America

In 2006, Riviera Yachts released six new yachts to the American market. Choosing the Miami Boat Show, which is the largest boat show in the world, to launch these new products, this Australian yacht builder needed to create a mind-blowing event and an over-all branding experience that would attract media and buyers. Ryah Creative Group was chosen to partner with Riviera to brand it’s hotel and produce two event based on the creative design and management skills of it’s team. The project, which included a laser show, on-water staging, and a lighting extravaganza at three different properties produced exceptional results for the client. Riviera more than doubled their expected sales and subsequently is partnering with Ryah Creative Group on multiple events at key boating shows


Credit Suisse

Incentive trips are designed to create unforgettable experiences for top performers in a given company. When Credit Suisse took it’s best North American Relationship Managers to Jamaica for 3 days of business and fun, it turned to Ryah Creative Group to produce the event and create a DVD that would capture memories and serve as an incentive for future attendees. Ryah Creative Group’s team provided all the audio/visual services and video production services for this event. At the awards banquet on the final night, Ryah Creative Group played a seven minute event highlight video, then created DVD copies of the video and had them in attendees hands before they woke the next morning.


Clients - Interactive

Safe Start

Pinellas Safe Start is part of a national campaign committed to stopping the exposure to violence among children age 0-6. In an effort to achieve their goal, Pinellas Safe Start asked Ryah Creative Group and Voss and Associates to develop a marketing campaign. The two companies crafted a plan that included a video, PSA’s, a resource CD-ROM and a web site. Ryah Creative Group developed the creative concepts, then wrote, produced and designed all of the interactive elements. To reach a larger audience, Ryah Creative Group developed Spanish language versions of the videos and the website. For their efforts, both Ryah Creative Group and Voss and Associates were recognized nationally.


Prentice Hall

As the leading provider of educational content for universities and high schools across North America, Prentice Hall turned to Ryah Creative Group to develop CD-ROM and web-based programming designed to help instructors teach students and to help students better retain the information. As a result of its on-going relationship with Prentice Hall, Ryah Creative Group produces a multitude of media rich and educational products across a variety of subjects. Because of the company’s professionalism and expertise in the multimedia field, Ryah Creative Group works directly with the instructors to deliver content for Prentice Hall. The end result gives Prentice Hall more dynamic instructional resources that ultimately provide a better educational experience for instructors and students.


Our Team

Joe Scholz – President

Joe founded Ryah Creative Group in 2002. Using his television experience both in front of and behind the camera, Joe is skilled at helping clients discover their needs then developing communication solutions that achieve their goals. For more than twenty years, he’s been writing and producing creative programs and events for clients across a variety of industries. For Joe, the only thing more fun than helping his clients succeed is spending time with his wife, Kris, and children Ryan and Sarah…for whom the company is named.


Terre Jeffcoat Paz - Business Development Manager

Terre’s passion, next to her son Gustavo, is putting a smile on her clients face. Her extensive sales and marketing experience in corporate events and multimedia programming enables her to generate amazing creative concepts that exceed client expectations, but not their budget. Terre’s success can be traced to her ability to build long term relationships, not only with clients, but within our profession and the community in which we live. That’s why she’s heavily involved in Tampa Bay organizations that help the underprivileged in our area.


Gerald Czaja - Business Development Manager

Gerald gives Ryah Creative Group a wealth of experience in the themed event business. It was probably that Toga party he put together in college that set him on his career path. Nearly 15 years later, Gerald still enjoys the challenge of giving clients something they have never seen before. As if that isn’t enough of a challenge, Gerald spends his free time coaching girls 8-9 year old youth soccer. Thankfully he's as good a coach as he is a salesperson.


Contact Us

Let us help you impress your audience. We will tell your story in a way that makes you stand out and leads to success. Whether it’s a event, party, video, CD-ROM, DVD, web site, communications strategy, or print campaign we can communicate your message. Our strength is helping you inform your audience, particularly if you’re marketing your company, training employees, attracting investors, or educating the general public. Give us a call, send us a letter, drop us an e-mail. Whatever works for you, just contact us so we can help you deliver your message with maximum impact.

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